8-year-old has to pay adult transport fare. Why?

Nabil Aqil is only 8-years old but he needs to pay adult fare when he takes public transport.

Why? Nabil is a special needs child and his parents have not been able to enrol him into any school which caters for special needs children due to a space and manpower crunch in such schools.

And because of this, he does not have an ez-link card as he is not registered with any school in Singapore yet.

In a heartbreaking Facebook post put up by his father Aqil Alid on 3 January 2017, Mr Aqil said “He’s of a P2 age this year. It’s been 2 lengthy years already.. How long more do you expect my son to wait. I can’t help feeling the negative vibes that Nabil is like not being considered for a place at all when being told to go and try for other sped schools or private schools. This is easier said than done.”

The full text of his post can be found here.

“We as parents are truly exhausted. Have tried numerous means of help,” he added on his Facebook post which has been shared more than 120 times so far.

There were a few commenters who felt that the issue is not a new one.

Said Faizal Kadir: “Same fate as you bro Aqil. My son is P1 age and is on a 24mths waiting list at Eden. I will say this, abolish the quota on foreign special needs teachers so as to increase space for our special needs children. It is a manpower issue. Not enough local special needs teachers to begin with.”

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