Day: October 12, 2020

Warriors FC seek return to Singapore Premier League and Cup for 2021.

One of Singapore’s most iconic football clubs in Singapore – the Warriors Football Club (WRFC) – has submitted a formal note to the the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) seeking a return to the Singapore Premier League (SPL) and Singapore Cup competitions for 2021.

With statutory taxes and salaries owed, the WRFC were asked to sit out the 2020 competitions after falling into debt. 

The club is now seeking a return to the competitions after clearing a substantial portion of the debt and also after reaching agreements with the authorities on repayment of taxes owed.

In a Facebook post put up on 12 October, the WRFC said that it “has a rich history in Singapore football, which spans more than two decades.”

“Since the start of the professional football league in Singapore in 1996, the Warriors have won the league title 9 times, and have lifted the Singapore Cup on 4 occasions.”

The club added that it had also been “constantly supporting the community through all our programmes like participating in the women’s competitions, being involved in the WRFC Yew Tee Day 2019 and also having organised the Kidz Warriors program for boys and girls of ages eight to 14, and so much more.”

When WRFC sat out the league for the 2020 season, Tanjong Pagar United were given the right to play in the competitions after sitting out for five years from 2015 to 2019.

“Together, we will help the Warriors get back on top again,” it said at the end of its post. 

Main Photo: Warriors FC

He is headed to Coventry University.

He kept many football fans wondering all of Sunday if he was indeed headed to Coventry, which competes in the English Championship.

But Singapore Lions and Johor Darul Takzim skipper Hariss Harun finally revealed in a follow up Facebook post on Monday that while he will be headed to Coventry, it is not actually for football but for education. 

“I will be embarking in a new challenge while I continue my playing career with JDT. 

“I have been offered the PSB ACADEMY SPORTS EXCELLENCE EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP to study bachelor’s program with Coventry University. 

“I am super excited to take up the new challenge with the blessing and support from my family, friends, JDT and PSB Academy. It is still Coventry.”

The post was a follow up to his Facebook post on Sunday which garnered more than 300 shares which ended by saying: “Coventry here I come.”

Photo: Hariss Harun