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Welcome to Devil’s Ring in Yishun, also known as Singapore’s Ghetto

Feb 4, 2017 ,

Man who stripped and played with his genitals after the train entered Yishun. Murders. Suicides. Vice. Accidents. Cat killings. What’s common about all of these?

They all happened in a particular area in Yishun.

And not satisfied with circumstantial evidence, popular blogger Lhu Wen Kai decided to investigate.

And the conclusion is?

There is definitely some merit in claiming that Yishun is a place of loonies and psychopaths.

See his full post here.

Also, the 18-year-old came up with an interactive map and blog called the Yishun Dream which aggregated many of the  Yishun happenings, from as far back as 2008.

What’s even better (or worse, if you are a Yishun resident) is that there is a concentration around the Yishun Central area where many of these incidents occur.

And Lhu has christened the area the Devil’s Ring.The map and blog even categorises the incidents as “cursed luck”, “mother nature”, “siao lang”, “murders” and “sex, crime and drugs.”

He said on the site that Yishun was “masquerading as a sleepy heartland shopping district..Nee Soon is home to one of Singapore’s most dystopian societies.”

And while the area is well-equipped, with plenty of schools, accommodation, parks, transport, sports, entertainment and medical facilities, “darkness lurks at every corner of this cursed city, with loonies, murderers, perverts, animal killers, criminal enterprises, and the supernatural all too eager to fight for the headlines.”

Guess we know what’s going to happen to the value of the HDB flats in Devil’s Ring after this.


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