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30-years-old. Refreshed for $200m.

Nov 19, 2018

NTUC Club reaffirmed its mission to meet the social and recreational needs of union members as it celebrated the completion of the $200 million Refreshing Downtown East project.

The completion of the project coincided with the 30th anniversary of Downtown East which was held on 10 November, which included performances from local musicians Sam Willows and LionCityBoy.

Sam Willows

NTUC Club Chairman and NTUC Secretary-General Mr Ng Chee Meng graced the celebrations, together with former NTUC Club Chairmen and CEOs. 

Downtown East has undergone several transformations to keep pace with the changing needs and aspirations of members over the last 30 years.


“Over the last 30 years, Downtown East has evolved from a humble chalet to a lifestyle destination for our members. 

“Many of our leaders and staff, both past and present, have worked very hard to bring fun into our lives. Even as our need for fun changes over time, one thing remains constant – NTUC Club’s commitment to stay relevant to our members’ needs,” said Mr Ng Chee Meng.

The refreshed Downtown East will continue this mission to serve its members and guests through the upgraded facilities. 

This will include the nature-inspired D’Resort, expanded water park Wild Wild Wet, enhanced retail, dining and entertainment mix at Market Square. 

The lifestyle destination has seen close to 20% increase in footfall, with an average of 1.1 million guests monthly since completion of the Refreshing Downtown East Project earlier this year.

“Downtown East has always been known for great programmes and activities. With the refreshed Downtown East, we want this to be a place for members to relax and have fun with their loved ones and create lasting memories. We will continue to bring programmes and offerings that are relevant and affordable for the communities of the Labour Movement,” said Mr Lim Eng Lee, NTUC Club, Chief Executive Officer.