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$150,000 boost for Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation

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The Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation has raised more than $150,000 at its inaugural fund-raising Charity Gala dinner held at the Fort Canning Hotel on Saturday, 12 August.

Influential rugby referee legend and sports personality Nigel Owens (MBE) was the keynote speaker for the dinner, which was attended by more than 300 well-wishes and supporters.

Said former Member of Parliament (MP) for Potong Pasir for 27 years and Patron of the Foundation, Mr Chiam See Tong: “I would like to personally thank the sponsors and the donors who contributed generously to the Foundation. Their support will go a long way in helping us do a lot more and to find more ways and means to benefit under-resourced Singaporean athletes and their families.”

Patrons and Directors of the Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation

Added Chairman of the Board Mr Ang Peng Siong, “We are thankful for the immense support we have received from our partners and donors. This will only inspire us to work harder and to find more opportunities to create more young Singaporean sports champions.”

In his keynote address, world renowned rugby referee Nigel Owens said: “This has been a wonderful initiative which I am proud to support. Sports brings us together, despite our backgrounds. My message to is simple – don’t give up on your dream and keep aiming high, especially knowing that the people behind the Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation will be right behind you.”

Corporate entities which have supported the fund-raiser to date included online portal The Independent Singapore and Cornerstone Wines.

Among the attendees included former and current national athletes like runners Muhammad Hosni Muhd and Goh Chui Ling.

National athlete Goh Chui Ling (centre) with current 100m record holder UK Shyam and Vice-Chairman of the Board Jose Raymond

Said Mr Kumaran Pillai, publisher of The Independent, “It was a very meaningful event which we were happy to support. The Foundation has been very active in reaching out to help Singaporean athletes since its launch, and we are proud to have played a part to render our support to the endeavour.”

Supporters from interior design firm Urban Habitat pose with Mr Chiam and Mrs Chiam at the end of the dinner

Apart from sponsorships and sales of tables for dinner, the Foundation also auctioned off various sports paraphernalia and two paintings from Singaporean artist Ben Puah.

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