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Pest control. Car washing. Cleaning. Boxing. He’s done them all.

Aug 18, 2017 ,

He lives in Yishun, takes the MRT, and works seven days a week running his own gym, where he provides training and fitness lessons.

But Muhamad Ridhwan is far from normal.

He is aiming to be a world champion in boxing one of these days, and is not afraid to share his journey.

“I have been a pest control officer, a cleaner, and also a car washer. This has helped build my character. If given a choice, I would not want to change a thing,” said the 30-year-old.


Nicknamed “The Chosen Wan”, he was signed by Ringstar  and is now a professional boxer.

Ridhwan’s next IBO championship Super Continental Featherweight fight will be on 20 October at the Suntec City.

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