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1 S.League. 4 sets of rules? May the farce be with you.

Dec 30, 2017 ,

Nothing new here, but Singapore football looks set to continue its farcical ways.

Just barely less than two weeks after announcing its all new rules for the 2018 S.League season which features age restrictions, it appears that some clubs will be able to enjoy different sets of rules.

Brunei side DPMM FC, which had earlier indicated that it was set to quit Singapore, looks likely to remain in the Great Eastern-Hyundai S.League for the 2018 season after it has been revealed by the Straits Times that the Wasps may be able to do without any restrictions and be able to sign four foreign players.

The Football Association of Singapore did not respond directly to the queries but it did inform the Straits Times that “in view of the announced changes to competition rules, the FAS is in discussions with DPMM on their participation in the 2018 domestic professional league. An announcement will be made in due course”, which is practically a non-answer.

Brunei’s DPMM could be laughing all the way to the title. SOURCE

If true, what this means is that the farcical S.League roster will feature clubs which have different set of rules.

In a nutshell, the local clubs like Geylang International and Tampines Rovers will need to have six under-23s (three must start match), a minimum of eight under-30s, two foreigners with the rest able to be above 30.

The Young Lions will need to have all its players be below the age of 22 and may have a few overaged players.

Foreign team Albirex Niigata will need to sign a minimum of nine under-21 players, a minimum of nine under-23 players, one player of any age and an option to sign two under-23 Singapore players.

One former club official who spoke to the Straits Times said that “there’s one set of rules for local clubs, one for the Young Lions, one for Albirex, and another for DPMM – they are making a mockery of the league.”

“The league title will be a two-horse race between Albirex and DPMM because the rules for local clubs will definitely weaken them.”

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