• Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

About Us

The Monitor Singapore (TMSG) is a sports and entertainment blog which aims to provide readers with nugget sized news breaks and content for people who are constantly connected and always on the go.

Fully managed by parent company SW Strategies Singapore I Malaysia, the blog aggregates content across multiple platforms and sources, and is presented across multiple spheres. We will not only scour the internet for interesting content, we will also bring you exclusive news breaks and cool interviews with the newsmakers who are making all the moves and shakes.

And we will irritate some people along the way, which is the fun part.

If you have a story idea or if you have something which you think might interest us, write to us at: editor@themonitor.sg

If you would like to have a discussion over business issues and story ideas, or just have a hot cup of mocha or chai latte on us, connect with us at: ideas@themonitor.sg

If you have an opinion over an issue and would like to share your thoughts and feelings, do send us a note at: opinion@themonitor.sg

If you are a super talented individual with amazing creative skill sets (and we know there are many of you out there) and would like to work or freelance for us, write to us at: editor@themonitor.sg

TMSG is fully managed by SW Strategies Singapore I Malaysia, a strategy firm which is incorporated in Singapore and in Malaysia, and which serves as an added platform for all our clients to reach out to their target audiences. For more information, head to our website.

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