HDB homes got so nice one meh? Seriously.

There were almost 1,500 complaints filed against renovation contractors in 2016, according to The Consumer Association of Singapore.

But when a renovation contractor and interior designer gets it right, a simple Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat can end up looking rather stunning.

Almost unbelievably gorgeous, at times.

So beautiful that we wonder if they are all photoshopped.

Like this one.


Or this.


Even the bedroom, for many the most important part of the home, can be transformed into a resort-like ambience, which can be soothing for the weary soul.

Like this.

476B Upp Serangoon 08.jpg

And this.

808 Chai Chee 12s.jpg

But bedroom and living room aside, home-owners would never argue that it is the bathroom which can make or break a home design, since that is where many of us spend our time reading our WhatsApp messages, watching Youtube videos while taking a dump.

And these bathrooms are too damn sexy.

237 Bishan St 8s.jpg

Or this one.

316B Punggol Way 07s.jpg

At the end of it all, it is just a humble, beautiful home we all crave, without the mama-drama of fly-by-night renovation contractors who make our lives a living hell.

In other words, just bliss.

665 Punggol dr 08s.jpg

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