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Greendale first. Montfort second.

Nov 16, 2017

The principal of Montfort Secondary School Mr Mark Gerard Minjoot has declined to answer media queries and has called for a “clarification session” to be held on 22 November 2017.

This after an article by The Monitor racked up more than 140 shares when it was first published.

However, we can also confirm that this may not have been the first time that rugby has been cancelled from a school’s roster when there was a change in principals.

In a schools ‘C’ division plate quarter-final tie in 2009, Montfort Secondary School had defeated Greendale Secondary School to secure their place in the last four.

See link here.

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However that was the last time the Greendale Secondary School sent a rugby team to the National Schools competitions again

From 2010 onwards, Greendale Secondary School disappeared from the rugby schools competition.

See links here, here and here.

The principal of Greendale Secondary School from December 2008 onwards was Mark Gerard Minjoot, the same principal who has canned rugby from the Montfort Secondary School roster.

See Greendale Secondary School info here.

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Maybe, just maybe, it could well be that rugby isn’t Mr Mark Gerard Minjoot’s favourite sport.

The Singapore Rugby Union has not made any statement about the cancellation of the sport from Montfort Secondary Schoot and sources have informed us that the Singapore Rugby Union did meet Mr Minjoot over this matter.

Greendale Secondary School has still not reinstated rugby to its list of sports despite a change of principals.

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3 thoughts on “Greendale first. Montfort second.”
  1. I was from the 2009 greendale team, Mr Minjoot never explained why the team needed to be closed down, the reasons were all hearsay from the teachers in charge. When the rugby club closed down, many of the team members including me felt lost n enraged, we were a new team and closing down the cca just like that made me felt like we were dispensable.

    Yes, greendale was no powerhouse in the local rugby school scene, we were getting hammered almost every match. But, the boys(I speak for the C div) enjoyed rugby, it gave us a chance to express, discover and train ourselves. Closing down the rugby cca in such a distasteful manner deflated me then when I was a teenager full of hope.

  2. It warms my heart to see the unity of various parents and students and their firm belief in Montfort Rugby. However, it seems that there is a lack of understanding about how this decision was made. Parents and students have to realise that this decision was made not just by one man, but rather, a group of them, a group that has carefully and thoroughly thought this through. I am certain that this decision was not made overnight. I see no clear reason why anybody should be against phasing out a CCA that has not produced results like it used to. It needs to be noted that all the Montfort Aesthetics CCA achieved a “Distinction” in the 2017 SYF and that all the Uniformed Groups CCA achieved the highest possible level of attainment in each of their various competitions. In contrary, the Rugby CCA have hardly produced anything the school can be proud of in recent years. Besides, this is not the first time the school “phased out” a CCA, recently, the school stopped the Arts Club, this affected many students too, namely, passionate souls for Arts and Craft. But clearly, there was no “petition” or “uproar” against this… Why is it that when it comes to a sports CCA, many are willing to go against the school, but when it comes to an arts CCA, it goes unnoticed? Is it possible that sexism has come to play?

    In summary, my point is that this decision was made in a manner that is fair. The School Management Committee have thought this through by thorough considerations and they do not deserve these bad press that have placed tremendous (unnecessary) pressure on them and the school’s reputation.

    I am sorry if my point of view is unpopular. I just feel that it is disrespectful for the media, parents and students to disregard those who work hard to provide education to ensure a bright future for Singapore.

    1. Hi, thank you for your viewpoint.

      When you said “the Rugby CCA have hardly produced anything the school can be proud of in recent years”, I’m just wondering – is that the aim of CCAs in school?

      Do we keep CCAs because they nurture the right values in our students, or only when they generate trophies and medals to be kept in the school’s cabinet?

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