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Singaporean female footballer headed to US on scholarship needs to raise $9000 for annual expenses.

Jul 22, 2021 ,

19-year-old Singaporean Yasmin Namira. who will leave at the start of next month to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Psychology at Graceland University in Iowa in the United States is hoping to raise $9000 to cover her living expenses. 

She is on a scholarship that will cover her school fees, to represent the college in soccer. 

However, Yasmin is looking for some funding support for her daily expenses out of school which come up to approximately $750 a month or $9000 a year to cover her accommodation, food, utilities and any other necessary expenses.

The appeal was posted on Facebook by Azrulnizam Shah, who was formerly a team manager of the Singapore national football team.

“She has made all efforts to raise this amount, working every day to accumulate the monies needed. 

“Despite her humble background, she has made no excuse and has made every effort to try and raise the money herself. 

“I am greatly impressed by her sense of responsibility, maturity and resilience in my interactions with her.”

“I believe that most of us are now, in more privileged positions and can make a small contribution to support a young person’s dream would be much appreciated.”

The fundraising exercise is being organised by Azrulnizam and Sudhershen Hariram, whom he says are not connected to Yasmin, but have started the initiative out of their “desire to help”. 

19-year-old Yasmin will turn out for Graceland University, a private college in Iowa, from August onwards for four years on a football scholarship that covers the full cost of her tuition. 

She is said to be considering pursuing a double degree in criminal justice and psychology. According to the school’s website, fees are US$31,250 (S$42,000) a year.

Please refer to Facebook post above for details on how to support Yasmin.

Photos: Yasmin Namira

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