Fairy tale ends. Sutton United keeper resigns. Betting probe starts.

Even if you were not a football fan, it would have been hard to miss the news about Sutton United’s reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw ahead of the English FA Cup tie against Arsenal on 20 February.

A construction builder by day, Shaw is also the club’s reserve goalkeeper.

The non-league side’s progress into the fifth round of the competition had many news outlets describing the story as a fairy tale and how the romance of the FA Cup competition was very much alive and kicking.

Sutton reserve keeper Wayne Shaw. Picture sourced here












However, barely 48 hours after the match in which Arsenal won 2-0 away at Sutto United, Shaw has submitted his resignation to the club, which has been accepted.

Why? Watch this video.

Mid-way through the second half, Shaw was captured on camera wolfing down a pie.

Nothing wrong in that, except that bookmakers had offered 8-1 odds that Shaw would eat a pie in front of cameras.

Sutton boss Paul Doswell told BBC: “What happened didn’t make us look very professional. It’s something that we’ve dealt with quickly as a club.”

While his football career may be over, it does look like Shaw does have a new job offer, as he has been offered to be an official pie-taster for supermarket chain Morrison’s.


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