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5 things to experience in Langkawi.

Nov 4, 2018

Have you ever wondered what you could end up doing in sleepy Langkawi island which lies off the west coast of Malaysia?

Here’s just five things you could experience if you are in Langkawi, which is a 90 minute flight from Singapore.

1. Enjoy a Cherry Sapphire as you face the Andaman Sea while the sun sets. 9ba4b61d-d6d5-499e-88ec-11b0730981ab

2. Get greeted by a monkey as you wake us and stare out the cabin out in the rainforest.


3. Pay about S$8 for a taxi ride from one part of the island to another.


4. Have a meal for 5 for the S$15 at the Seashells Restaurant at Pantai Cenang.


5. Oh, let’s not forget the beaches facing the Andaman Sea.


Note: Our trip to Langkawi wasn’t sponsored by any company or airline. We ownself go.

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