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Are you looking for a job? Apply to be a pro footballer in an SPL club.

Nov 29, 2018

Are you currently unemployed, looking for a job, fit and can pass a mandatory fitness test?

If you have all of the above, then maybe you can consider applying to be a professional football player in the Singapore Premier League, Singapore’s only professional football league.

The posting for the vacancy for put up on mycareersfuture.sg portal but did not list the club which was hunting for a player.

See link here.

Hence, it is not known if it was meant to be a joke or if the posting is authentic.

However, you can only apply for the role if you have a Singpass account, and likewise companies can only list postings if they have a Singpass of Corppass account.

Posted online on 19 November, applications close on 19 December.

There’s been one application for the vacancy so far.

Our advice: Please wear a tie when you attend the interviews with the HR Department. 😁

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