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Singapore Athletics gets dressing down after SEA Games ends.

Dec 12, 2019

Singapore Athletics came under fire at the post-mortem of the 30th Southeast Asian Games in Manila.

In the post-mortem of Team Singapore’s performance on Wednesday 11 December, Richard Gordon, Head of High Performance and Athlete Life at the Singapore Sport Institute (SSI), told CNA, “Swimming and athletics form the two core sports in the programme.

“For Singapore to remain competition in the overall medal tally, we need to put ourselves in a position to be competitive in the athletics programme where there are at least 40 gold medals up for grabs.”

The track and field team won three bronze medals in the women’s 100m, 200m through Shanti Pereira and 100m hurdles through Nur Izlyn Zaini.

This return is down from two golds, two silvers and four bronzes from the 2017 Games.

Soh Rui Yong and Michelle Sng were Singapore’s gold medalists from the 2017 SEA Games.

Gordon said: “Singapore Athletics and the fraternity have a role to play in ceasing the infighting to focus on the athletes. If this culture persists, progress is challenging.”

Margaret Oh, Pereira’s coach, had also quit as coach suddenly during the Games.

Photo: SNOC off Singapore Athletics Facebook

2 thoughts on “Singapore Athletics gets dressing down after SEA Games ends.”
  1. Sack the executive director and the head coach. The aim should be being better than your current competitors and not just bettering your
    local predecessors’ achievement. All-time best, 3rd all-time best etc and for what?

  2. They have such a big group of relay coaches (9 or 10 I think) for the different age groups, for just once a week of training. If you happen to be there at the home of athletics, it’s as if the number of coaches are almost equal to the number of athletes. With such a big group, how do you manage the culture, direction, harmony, effectiveness of the program? If everyone gives feedback, whose feedback matters more? And if you follow the coaches/athletes on social media, you’d wonder if this were a national team or a primary school track team. Stationary passing, game based training, fun fun fun. You got see the other countries’ athletes having fun?

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