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We should be supporting our athletes.

Dec 13, 2019 ,

OPINION by Jose Raymond

We label our National Sports Associations as having lost their innovation, or their desire, but then do we wonder whether more could have been done to provide them with the support they need to excel.

How dare we.

We provide additional campaign funding for sports which are only gold medal potential at the Southeast Asian Games, while we have athletes who have to pay for their own trainers, coaches and even their overseas stints just to prepare for the Games.

How can we.

We state that a sport like softball is suddenly emerging and did not see their potential even though they were in the same neighbourhood the whole time before being displaced from their Kallang home.

Why do we.

We come up with grading from As to Fs to illustrate how good or bad our athletes were, even without even stepping into their battle gear for a minute, to understand what they face.

Why must we.

Our only Olympic gold medalist gets eyeballed during the Games not because of his ability and successful qualification for Tokyo 2020, but because of his bulk.

Who are we.

Our athletes deserve our support, and regardless of how they performed, they are all we have. Our national talents.

They sacrifice, they toil, at the expense of their jobs, their families, their lives.

They need an eco-system which helps them develop. They need a family of supporters around them.

We are their family. The Singaporean family.

Congratulations to all our athletes and officials who wore our national flag in the Philippines for the 2019 SEA Games.

We are proud of all of you, and thank you for your sacrifices to the country. 🇸🇬️

#TeamSingapore #MajulahSingapura

Photo: SNOC

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