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Esports and lifestyle brand Legion of Racers launches ECO+ Plan.

Apr 5, 2021

Singapore’s esports and lifestyle brand Legion of Racers (LOR) have started an ECO+ plan to help highlight and bring more attention towards climate and environmental issues in the esports space. 

The ECO+ plan consists of three pillars – Environment, Community and Outreach and will also touch on mental health wellness as part of its outreach to communities. 

Co-founder of the Legion of Racers Melvin Moh explained that the ECO+ initiative is just one way in which the brand is hoping to do its part for climate change and environmental stewardship.

He said, “This is just a simple start and we will find more ways to expand the programme as we progress. The assurance is we will do our part, be it in gaming, or in event organizing, to ensure that we do so sustainably in our mission to do what we can to protect our environment and manage our ecological footprint.”

One facet of LOR’s ECO+ plan is to help sim racers dispose of their steering wheels responsibly. The ECO+ programme will provide a $100 NTUC voucher incentive for sim racers who bring their old wheels in for exchange for a new set by Logitech which is priced at $519.

“The $100 voucher is an incentive for sim racers to dispose of their old wheels responsibly, and to reduce our ecological impact. On our part, we will work with an e-waste recycler to ensure that the old wheels are disposed responsibly and does not just end up in the dumpster,” said Moh.

For every wheel which is exchanged, the LOR will donate $20 to the Nature Society (Singapore) as part of its community responsibility. Sim racers can also pledge to donate the $100 NTUC voucher or its value to the Nature Society (Singapore). 

In addition to responsible e-waste disposal, LOR will also be setting up a recycling corner at its Xperience Studio in Kallang and will start each session with a short message about sustainability in gaming and respecting the environment.

With mental health wellness also an important aspect of sustainable gaming, LOR will share with participants at its outreach to community groups about the importance of mental health wellness and how gamers should play responsibly. 

“Sustainability is also a way of life, and it is necessary for us to share the importance of keeping well, especially in the face of exponential growth in the world of esports,” added Moh, who is also a race-car driver.

Sim racing participants who are keen to exchange their old wheels for new ones can make an appointment through the Legion of Racers Facebook page at Facebook@LegionOfRacers