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Stipe Plazibat to file police report after abusive Instagram message.

Aug 28, 2021 ,

Lion City Sailors forward Stipe Plazibat has been abused through a private message on Instagram and has said on Twitter that will file a police report. 

He put up the screengrab of the message he had received on Twitter at just past 10pm on 27 August, soon after the Sailors drew 1-1 against Hougang United. 

He later added that he would be filling a police report over the abusive message. 

Former Home United coach Steve Darby sent his response to the tweet.

To which Plazibat responded.

The message was sent to Plazibat’s Instagram account by an anonymous account with 0 posts and 0 followers.

It is not known what could have triggered the message, and whether it was linked to a story posted on the Lion City Sailors website on 26 August, in which the Croatian said that he was keen to apply to be a permanent resident in Singapore.

Plazibat has received loads of support on Twitter following his tweet.

Main Photo: Lion City Sailors

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