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Street food guru KF Seetoh likens Singapore football to elephants.

May 9, 2023

You know your sport is in the dumps when a street food guru decides to voice his opinion on the current state of Singapore football.


On 9 May, popular street food guru KF Seetoh put up a post on his Facebook which referred to Singapore’s football team as “minnows at best these days”.

He also asked why are fans and the media “flogging a dead horse”.

“Gone are yr Uncle Choo, Quahs, Suriamoorthy  and Fandi days,” he said in his post.

He also referred to Singapore football as elephants, which should not be pushed if they “can’t run”.

He also had a suggestion which is probably targeting fans as well as the taxpayers who are funding the game through the annual funding cycle by government agency Sport Singapore towards all sports. 

Based on the latest financial statements, the Football Association of Singapore received $19.2 million through Sport Singapore grants for the last financial year.

This does not include the additional amounts being spent by the government through the Unleash The Roar! Programme.

“If football is not our forte anymore, it’s just that. 

“Move on,” said Seetoh. 

Seetoh’s comments were posted at the back of a commentary by The Straits Times titled “Dear FAS, it’s really time to be honest” written after Singapore’s men’s and women’s footballers both crashed out of the Southeast Asian Games football tournament with one match still yet to play. 

Since then, CNA has also published an op-ed by journalist Matthew Mohan in which he suggests that the public’s patience was already wearing thin over Singapore football’s failures over the years.

The Young Lions have not qualified for the SEA Games semi-final stages since winning a bronze in 2013. 

Read Seetoh’s full post here.


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