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Singapore’s Kampung Buangkok futsal team in talks with Brunei Football Association to take part in national Brunei Futsal League in 2024.

Jun 2, 2023 ,

A Singapore futsal team – Kampung Buangkok – is aiming to be the first Singapore football team sanctioned to play in a national league of a foreign country.


Kampung Buangkok – a Singapore futsal side which is currently participating in a privately-organised futsal league – is aiming to take their talents to Brunei, the same way Brunei’s DPMM FC has been allowed to play in the Singapore Premier League.

“We are trying to push for Futsal in Singapore and hope that Football Association of Singapore will recognise the importance of it in building the football foundation here,” said Kenneth Kwang, the team’s goalkeeper and spokesperson. 

There are no futsal leagues or futsal competitions organised by the Football Association of Singapore. 

According to the financial statements of the FAS, the national football body does not invest in futsal in any way, a point which has frustrated many futsal enthusiasts in the Singapore football fraternity.

Kampong Buangkok are currently champions of a privately-run futsal competition but in March, the side made some waves in the local futsal world by inviting one of Indonesia’s top Futsal team – Pendekar United to play a friendly match. 

Pendekar United had in their ranks a world renowned Portuguese futsal player Ricardinho in their squad. 

“Singapore has many talents in Futsal, but sadly, FAS does not have an eye for this scene, and a lot of talent have gone to waste,” said Kwang in an email interview.


Kampung Buangkok’s road to the Brunei Futsal League will begin with a trip to Bandar Seri Begawan in September for a series of friendly matches with two of their teams in the Brunei National Futsal League. 

“We hope that we can come to an agreement to represent Singapore and take part in one season in the Brunei Futsal League next year,” said Kwang.

He was introduced to the Brunei Football Association by officials of Pendekar United. 

“His name is Wahyu “Bewe” Triyanto (photo below), and it’s also thanks to Pendekar’s owner – Atta Halilintar, who happens to be the top Indonesian YouTuber, for bringing us together,” said Kwang.


Kwang said that he will be funding the team’s participation which includes a participating fee. 

The Brunei Futsal League will commence in February 2024 and will end by November 2024 with a minimum of 22 league matches to be played, not including the Cup matches.

“We are still awaiting the approval to be allowed into the league,” said Kwang.

“The Brunei FA are happy to take us in, but we have to be sanctioned by FAS first, before we can be officially included into the Brunei league.”

Kampung Buangkok’s side is made up of players who are between the ages of 20 to their mid-30s and the team is skippered by Luis Lim, who formed the team in 2020.


“Most of us are all working as we do not play professionally for a living,” said Kwang.

“The team came together for the love of football and the joy of playing with each other. 

“Everyone of us pushes each other to be the best we can be and everyone are regarded as equals in the team.”

While the league lasts for about nine months, the team is hoping to fly to the Brunei capital once every month to complete their fixtures. 

“The General Secretary of the Brunei FA will be contacting the General Secretary of the FAS to discuss this,” said Kwang.

“This is the waiting point for us and once FAS gives us the green light to sanction us, the Brunei FA will apply for permission from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to allow us to participate in their National Futsal League next year.”

And if and when that happens, Kampung Buangkok, a team brought together by friendship, will rewrite football history in Singapore. 


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