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Singapore’s Aidil Sharin is now head coach of Malaysia Super League side Kuching City.

Sep 11, 2023 ,

He was keen on being appointed as the head coach of the Young Lions when the role opened up earlier this year, and was interviewed for it.


But he landed up at Indonesian side Persikabo instead. 

After his stint in Persikabo, Aidil has now landed himself another high profile role leading debutantes Kuching City in the Malaysian Super League.

While the club is rooted at the bottom of the table, Aidil is building the team for the following season. 

He is currently based in Kuching. 

“The management of Kuching City is superb,” he told TMSG. 

“It is just that they made a lot of wrong signings this year and the management team learnt a lot because it was their first time in the Malaysian Super League.”

Aidil spent four years (2019-2022) with Kedah in the Malaysian Super League and while he was there he gave Lions Shakir Hamzah and M Anumanthan playing time with the “Hijau-Kunings”.


Prior to his stint in Kedah, he led Home United to the Asian Football Confederation Cup ASEAN zone championship in 2018, a first for a Singapore club. 

While in Kedah, he hit the jackpot with the 2019 FA Cup in Malaysia which then garnered him the sticky title of being “Singapore’s Pep Guardiola”.


For now, he is set on taking Kuching City out of the doldrums.

“Football is all about improvement,” he told The Star.

“We will look at the standings and statistics and see what can be done.

“It takes time but I believe it can happen with their players’ commitment and attitude.”


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