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Montfort cancels rugby. All hell breaks loose.

Nov 14, 2017 , ,

A neighbourhood school with a rich rugby tradition has decided to phase out the sport from its list of co-curricular activities.

And reactions are flying in fast and furious.

In a statement posted on its Facebook page, the school said:

“Dear Rugby CCA students, parents and Alumni,

1.The Montfort School Management Committee has reviewed the Rugby CCA matter thoroughly and has decided to phase out the CCA.

2. Montfort Secondary School (MSS) is working with the students and parents to select from the various transition options offered. In particular, students with a fervent interest in the sport will be aided to pursue it via other avenues.

3. MSS will support each student through the change and endeavour to provide quality programmes that enable the holistic development of each student.

4. For clarification, please contact MSS at contact@montfortsec.edu.sg

5. Thank you.

Montfort School Management Committee.”


See full statement here.

Responses on its announcement have been mostly of unhappy parents and alumni.

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A petition to save rugby in the school has also been circulating.

The school has a history of winning multiple championships in schools rugby tournaments, which include the M1 7s U14 Plate, the M1 10s U14 Cup (2005), M1 10s U17 plate (2007), ‘C’ Division plate (2009), ‘C’ Division Bowl (2013).

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