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Give a f***, policy makers.

Oct 31, 2018

Facebook post by Anita Kapoor

Stop fucking with our food culture for hawker draining policies which are killing the business owners, stop creating dead over-priced food courts bereft of any character or history filled with soul deadeningly awful food, cooked by folk who know fuck about food.

You’re so dead set on policy making Singapore.

You forgot the people who built the country’s food reputation.

The people who’ve fed you and all of us.

They don’t work in banks.

They don’t go to co working spaces to Facebook.

They don’t instagram their food. They shout at you.

Cook well. Have for a long long time.

They don’t give you ball shrinkingly delicious dividends.

But they have soul, character, heart, and a different way of making money and existing.

Ironic, when we do nothing but shout about entrepreneurs, we kill off the original Singaporean entrepreneur and replace it with some snot-ass ‘neu hawker’ bullshit.

Give a fuck, policy makers.

Give a fuck for all your people.

Cause this idea that we’re what you want to project thru films and ads, is beyond one sided, regressive and strangulatingly boring and bland.

We are much much more. Much more.

This? Is Passion Made Possible. Getting up everyday to do the same thing for your livelihood.

Doing it well. Every day.

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