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Warriors pay out $150k to players.

Dec 2, 2019

The Warriors Football Club (WFC) has paid out a total of $150,000 in salaries to half the squad so far to settle arrears which are due to the players.

Last month, the club was taken to court for non-payment of salaries and Central Provident Fund contributions to players and staff.

In a statement issued on 2 December, the club said that players are being paid in batches, and according to their needs as well.

“The club raised the money through loans which have been provided to the club on an urgent basis by the management committee members.

“The players who are in need, have been paid first, while others have agreed to give the club a bit more time to restore what is due to them,” said the statement.

“The club is committed to ensuring that all players are paid whatever amounts are due to them soonest, and the management committee members along with the general manager Paul Poh are trying their best to raise the money needed to ensure all players are paid what is due to them as soon as possible,” the statement added.

WFC ended the season as runners up in the Singapore Cup and finished seventh in the nine-team league table in the Singapore Premier League for the 2019 season.

Photo: Warriors FC

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