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Lim Kia Tong to serve as President for another term; former Lions Goh Tat Chuan and Lionel Lewis join Team LKT and will be returned unopposed.

Mar 29, 2021 ,

Incumbent president Lim Kia Tong will continue to serve another four years as the president of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS).

When nominations closed at 6pm on 29 March, only one slate of nine candidates submitted its nomination. 

Also set to serve on the new FAS management team are Goh tat Chuan and Lionel Lewis, both former Lions.

Team LKT’s slate of nine will also include Geylang International adviser Ben Teng, a new face on the team along with Lewis and Goh. 

There will be contests for the remaining six individual seats on the council. 

Apart from former FAS staff Romzi Damiri and Ashley Arriola, former Lion Lim Tong Hai, Darwin Jalil and Rizal Rasudin (all members of Team LKT from the 2017 elections) will have to face off against Zaki Maarof and Harman Ali for seats on the council.

Zaki and Harman were part of Hougang United chairman Bill Ng’s Game Changers slate during the 2017 elections for office bearers.

With only place for five on the council, two candidates from among the seven above will lose out in the affiliates vote.

As one seat is reserved for a female, Julie Teo is set to have her place confirmed on the next council.

The elections will be held on 28 April but all candidates will be informed of their eligibility after integrity checks on 5 April.

Main photos: Football Association of Singapore

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