Why STOMP never check facts one?

If only facts had been checked first.

On 18 January, Singapore Press Holdings owned portal STOMP posted a story about a rat infestation at a restaurant in Kitchener Road, which is off Serangoon Road.

See screen grab here:


The video in question was being circulated online via WhatsApp. Watch the video here:

A Twitter user had also put the video up on his account, urging people to be cautious.

Unfortunately, it is quite clear that the restaurant in the video is not the same Sangeetha Bhavan restaurant along Kitchener Road.

A simple Google street view search would have verified this. See what comes up when a Google street view search is made on Sangeetha Bhavan:


It looks like STOMP has realised its mistake and the story has been taken offline, even though the link can still be found when doing a search for ‘rats’.

This is what appears now after clicking on the link:

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 11.50.53.png

Moral of the story: You shouldn’t be spreading fake news without checking facts leh.


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