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Yet another sponsor backs Singapore Swimming.

Mar 3, 2018 ,

The Singapore Swimming Association (SSA) today announced that it has signed a three-year deal with Ajinomoto (Singapore) Pte Ltd, with the Japanese company coming on board as the SSA’s Official Sports Nutrition Partner.

The partnership, which is in both cash and in-kind, will see Ajinomoto Singapore provide “aminoVITAL” products, namely, “aminoVITAL”GOLD and “aminoVITAL” Perfect Energy to the athletes across the four disciplines of artistic swimming, diving, swimming and water polo till 1 March 2021.

Mr Keita Ishii, Managing Director of Ajinomoto Singapore, said, “We have always wanted to contribute to the local sports scene here in Singapore, and when the opportunity to be involved with swimming came up, we did not have to think twice. Swimming is one of the most popular sports here in Singapore, and the Singapore swimming team is the best in the region. Their vision to become one of the top aquatic nations in the world resonates with our vision of growing our brand. We are delighted to be able to partner the SSA for the next three years.”

“We are delighted to welcome Ajinomoto Singapore to the SSA family of corporate sponsors. It is fantastic to see continual corporate support for sport and aquatics in Singapore. Our partnership with Ajinomoto Singapore is in line with the SSA’s overarching strategy of bringing new sponsors on board who will provide the funding needed to fully develop and nurture our talent pool of athletes, as we look to become one of the top aquatic nations in the world”, said Mr Lee Kok Choy, President of SSA.

 “aminoVITAL” provides advanced sports nutrition products based on a proprietary blend of amino acids to improve the performance of athletes, and is currently used by top Japanese swimmers. “aminoVITAL” GOLD helps to improve performance by reducing fatigue and quick muscle recovery, while “aminoVITAL” Perfect Energy helps to prevent the loss of energy levels affecting the performances at the final stages of the sports activities caused by the decline of blood sugar level. 

Highlighting the importance of quality nutrition for our athletes, Dr Richard Swinbourne, Head of Sports Nutrition at the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI) said, “The high performance aquatic sport programmes in Singapore demand athletes train hard and recover well to ensure top performances. Quality nutrition from whole foods plays a crucial role in supporting this training and quality. Often, elite athletes require some extra help on top of their diet to maintain longer endurance and recover from training and competition.”

The SSA and Ajinomoto Singapore worked hard to ensure that the ‘aminoVITAL” products were fit and approved for consumption by the athletes.

A batch of ‘aminoVITAL’ products were sent to LGC, an internationally recognised testing laboratory that tests for banned substances, for testing, and were given the all clear.

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