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Singapore start-up Bluorbit in lean logistics push.

Dec 26, 2020

A Singapore-based tech and logistics start-up firm – Bluorbit – has harnessed the use of technology and online innovation to explore a “lean logistics concept” which aggregates providers across the delivery chain globally and brings value to the entire logistics eco-system through its system. 

The system effectively renders Bluorbit the Airbnb and Agoda of the courier industry, as it conducts its business without owning any of the air, sea or ground assets required for distribution, save for a storage facility at the Changi Cargo Complex.

Customers who intend to send packages to anywhere across the world just need to log into their website at www.bluorbitlogistics.com and get a quotation and leave the system to arrange for a pick-up and the subsequent delivery. 

Incorporated in Singapore in 2018, Bluorbit has since established 11 offices around the world in various markets as follows: 

  • Singapore – Head Office
  • Australia – Sydney
  • Bangladesh – Dhaka
  • Canada – Mississauga
  • Germany – Frankfurt
  • Hongkong – Lantau Island 
  • India – Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai
  • Pakistan – Karachi, Lahore
  • United Arab Emirates – Dubai 
  • United Kingdom – London
  • United States of America – New York 

The company is headquartered in Singapore and has its operations office in Collyer Quay, and has also taken up a storage facility at the Changi Cargo Complex. As of 1 December 2020, Bluorbit has 50 number of staff under its global payroll.

To aid its expansion, Bluorbit also tapped into an Enterprise Development Grant from Enterprise Singapore to set up its office operations and expand in Hong Kong. 

Said Bluorbit founder Mr Nasir Khan, “Since setting up, we have worked tirelessly to get our systems up and running, and in expanding across the world. Demand for delivery across the world continues to soar despite the economic outlook, and Bluorbit is well placed to meet the demand as an aggregator of ground, air and sea resources.”

Bluorbit capitalises on the use of the online space and the internet to support the growth of the “lean logistics” concept in the logistics and delivery business. 

“Our corporate motto has always been to go beyond what is the current norm in the logistics sector, and to reimagine how the face of the fourth-party lean logistics could look like in the future as demand shifts. To us, collaboration is the way forward and beyond, and through our global reach we will work with existing ground partners and providers internationally to help them in their growth,” added Mr Khan. 

Bluorbit is already delivering an estimated 150 tonnes of cargo across the world on a monthly basis, with monthly averages expected to increase with the gradual opening of air traffic around the world. 

Bluorbit’s daily load will also be expected to increase exponentially with the start of its chartered flight programme with dedicated delivery flights between various markets.

“With Singapore set as our headquarters, we strive to be at the forefront of advances in the logistics sector and aim to deliver value to all our clients by providing customized efficient, reliable and cost-effective services” said Mr Khan.

Bluorbit founder and Chairman Mr Nasir is no stranger to the logistics sector.

Initially founding and establishing a travel agency and then stepping forward into the air cargo business in the Middle East in the late 1980s.

His understanding of the market dynamics and the customers’ needs led to the company becoming among the top travel and air cargo logistics solutions providers in the Middle East and North Africa region within a few years. 

Photo: Bluorbit

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