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32-0. In a Singapore schools football match.

Jan 23, 2020

If both teams played 90 minutes of football, this translates to having a goal scored every three minutes of play.

Or possibly having every attack leading to a goal being scored.

32-0 was the scoreline for a National School Games ‘B’ Division preliminary round football match between Singapore Sports School and Assumption Pathway School on 20 January 2020.

Both teams are in Group 16 of the preliminary rounds and Assumption Pathway School was the unfortunate recipient of the colossal rugby-score thrashing.

This is the only match in the 2020 schools competition so far which has had more than 30 goals in a single match.

A 13-0 scoreline between Queensway Secondary and Montfort Secondary School also played on 20 January was the other highest scoring match in the competition so far.

See all scores in the competition here.

A youth coach who spoke to The Monitor SG on the condition of anonymity, said the Singapore Sports School should have just played possession football after the Sports School scored eight goals without a response.

It is understood that the half time score was already 20-0.

Comments on a Facebook post by former national goalkeeper Yakob Hashim which was set to public had some interesting comments.

“Maybe this school doesn’t have a budget” was one comment. 

Another had a suggestion, which said, “As soon as a team is 6 goals ahead then the winning team should play the remainder of the game without the strongest players and/or a reduced number of players on the pitch.”

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7 thoughts on “32-0. In a Singapore schools football match.”
  1. What bullshit is this. I myself is a parent of a competing team in Bdiv but it would be a great disrespect if a team would play possesion the whole game without even attacking. BUT the biggest nonsense is to stop scoring after being 6 goals ahead! The players play to win and the only respectful way to do so is to give it everything they’ve got. Since when is there such thing that the players has to give chance to the opposition. APSOLUTE NONSENSE!

    1. Yes totally agree with you on this. If we want Singapore football to progress this is the way to do it. Start from the school the grass root. This is a competition. Players play to win. Period. And by playing to the best they can that’s the upmost respect they can give their opponent. I don’t see Germany do any mercy when they trash Brazil 7-1. All these take abit mercy law is just rediculous. If you are lousy than you are gonna get wreck. It is as simple as that. Is your job as players to improve and not force better players to compromise so some others can do catching up. What nonsense.

  2. Should institute a mercy rule for one sided games like this. Hats off to the assumption team for sticking it out

  3. I think we should all remember that this is a match for secondary school students. Sports is not just to teach them about winning but to also teach them life values. One of them is respecting other people. To continue scoring even after they are 10-0 up or 20-0 up is just humiliating the other team. How can the winning team be said to learn life lessons like sportsmanship if they exhibit this behaviour.

    If members of the team become a manager in the future and someone under their charge makes a mistake, will they relentlessly scream at them because they can? Because they are superior?

  4. Another alternative, during the game, they can score as many goals. But when comes to paper/ in record, only max of 10 goal difference…

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