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On behalf of football fans, TMSG poses 20 questions to the Football Association of Singapore ahead of the Annual Congress.

Sep 7, 2021 ,

Football belongs to the people. 

It is a game for the masses, and without fans, football is nothing. 

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) will be conducting its Annual Congress on 25 September for its affiliate members.

The agenda for the meeting is currently being ironed out by the organisation secretariat.

Unfortunately, fans and members of the public have no access to the meeting and will not be able to hold the football body accountable for the current state of football in Singapore. 

As such, TMSG requested fans to submit their questions to the FAS, so that they are well aware of the thoughts and questions running through the minds of fans in Singapore. 

While TMSG has posted some of the questions so far on Facebook and Instagram, we reproduce some of the questions submitted here. 

See Facebook post.

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