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This poor seller is trying to make a $2 profit per Suzuki Cup ticket on Carousell.

Nov 29, 2021 ,

A seller on Carousell is trying to sell a pair of Singapore versus Myanmar Suzuki Cup tickets for a profit of $4.


The seller who goes by the moniker manutd0701 put the listing up on 28 November, the same day tickets were open for sale to the public. 

The account was only set up a week ago but given that there was a booking fee of $2 per ticket if the purchase was made through the official purchase channel, he may also be looking at reselling his tickets at no profit, if he had made the purchase without realise match day was actually his mother’s birthday.

Each adult ticket purchased through the official sales channel costs $25.


Tickets for the match are still available on the sales portal at ticketmaster.sg based on a check on the sales map on 29 November in the morning. 

The posting on Carousell is so far the only one which has sprung up after sales for the biennial football tournament which Singapore is hosting opened.


Which also means that demand for the tickets may still be lukewarm, given that for high demand events, there would be multiple sales postings by scalpers within hours of tickets going on sale. 

Think BTS, Manchester United, Liverpool and Coldplay.

In previous instances of ticket reselling scams, the Singapore Sports Hub had said that “by purchasing tickets through resellers other than the authorised ticket agent, buyers take the risk that the validity of the tickets cannot be guaranteed as it could lead to seizure or cancellation of those tickets without refund or other compensation.”

Main Photo: Football Association of Singapore

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