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Sports presenter Colette Wong gets on the Fight Zone floor.

Jan 3, 2022

For Singapore sports fans, she has been a familiar face on television and sports broadcast at both MediaCorp and Fox Sports Asia. 


More recently, she was a moderator for a virtual meet and greet session between Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Cho So-hyun (top right) and fans during a virtual meet and greet session at the SingaCup 2021 on 16 December.


These days, patrons of the Fight Zone fitness outlet at Novena Square may also have a chance to bump into Colette Wong on the floor as she hits the punching bags and handles the ropes at the nine exercise stations. 

Currently an engagement specialist with a global sports streaming service, Wong recalled her first experience at Fight Zone at Novena Square.

Fight Zone also has two other outlets at Suntec City and at AMK Hub.

“The first session was exhausting!” she said. 

“But it’s really up to you to decide on the amount of effort you want to put in. 

“Of course, once you’re there, you want to make the most out of the time you have there, so ultimately you try to give it everything. 

She also added that the trainers at Fight Zone “are great motivators” and “they really help keep you going”.

Wong, who spent more than 20 years facing the cameras as a presenter and broadcast journalist, added that it was important for people her age (she’s in her 40s) to keep moving and “pushing yourself”. 


“After you reach a certain age, you notice the inches start to build round the waist, the pounds are tougher to shed, and it’s so much easier to put on weight!” she quipped. 

“Metabolism just isn’t the same anymore. 

“It is important to keep moving, and pushing yourself because if you fall into a rut, it gets harder to climb out and easy to lose motivation. 


“So regular exercise is a must these days and no longer just a consideration in order to stay fit and healthy.”

She currently trains twice a week at the Velocity outlet and is hoping to increasing her visits over time. 

“I love the kicking and punching of the bags,” she revealed. 

“I had never done anything like that before but that’s my favourite part of the workouts and then the endorphins kick in at the end of the session and you just feel so happy.”

While she did share what was the most enjoyable part of the session when she first tried it out, she also shared how she got over the initial difficulty on the floor because of general upper body weakness. 

“I found that with the more sessions I attended, the stronger I got and the less difficult it became,” she added. 



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