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22-0. 22-1. 16-1. 15-0. These are scores in the National School Games primary schools football tournament.

Jan 31, 2023

Lopsided scores peppered the results of the ongoing National School Games with crazy scorelines being observed in all the four participating districts.


The competition is being organised by the Singapore Primary Schools Sports Council.

The one-sided and demoralising scorelines have left a few parents red-faced, given that these were scores in matches at the primary school level. 

At the south zone level, there were two matches in which the winning teams scored 22 goals each and another one which found the net on 21 occasions. 

St Andrew’s Junior School beat Jing Shan Primary School 22-1, while St. Gabriel’s Primary School beat Zhonghua Primary School 22-0. 

Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) beat Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School 21-0, and Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) rattled Ang Mo Kio Primary School with a score of 14-0, with details being shared across peer-to-peer channels. 

Similar scores were also noticed across other zones. 

In the east zone, St Stephen’s School hammered the crap out of Tampines Primary School, handing them a 15-1 defeat.

In the north zone, there were also a couple of 15-0 matches and another one which ended 16-1 in favour of Riverside Primary School, which beat Rivervale Primary School. 

The west zone also threw up one crazy score where Nanyang Primary School bashed West Grove Primary School by 17-1.

A parent of one of the players who watched the St. Andrew’s Primary School demolition of Jing Shan said that he was rather sad that the boys from Jing Shan lost by such a huge margin.

He said it was possibly down to the way the competition was structured. 

“The top two teams from the zones would qualify for the quarter-final and this would mean that goal difference would matter, and the boys have to score as many goals as possible,” he said.

TMSG also received a set of videos of one of the St. Andrew’s Primary players – Rakesh Lal Giri – who scored no less than nine goals from almost every side of the pitch. 

After scoring one of his goals, Rakesh is also seen celebrating like Cristiano Ronaldo after scoring. 

Football fans whom TMSG spoke to said that the structure of the competition should be changed to allow teams of the same standard to play in the same division, even at the zonal level.

“These kind of scorelines are demoralising, and could impact the children’s mental wellbeing, and this is happening at the primary school level,” he said.

“How would you feel if you were the parent of a child who returned home and said that he had lost by 22-0 in an inter-school football match.”


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