• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Police report filed after alleged financial irregularities at Singapore Silat.

Feb 26, 2023

The Singapore Silat Federation (SSF) has lodged a police report against its finance director following allegations of irregular salary payments to certain coaches.


The finance director has since been suspended from duties. 

It is not known what is the quantum of irregular payments involved which led to the police report being filed.

The SSF said on 25 February that it was told by government agency Sport Singapore about irregularities in the SSF’s financial practices, which revealed information that was “cause for serious concern” following checks.

A police report against the finance director on 23 February. 

The name of the staff concerned was not made known in media reports. 

A screengrab of the SSF’s organisation chart was extracted from the official website to show the chain of command in the organisation, along with the key appointment holders.

A Sport Singapore spokesperson said that “SportSG will work with the SSF to ensure that the training and competitions of silat athletes are not impacted by the incident. 

“As the case is under investigation, we are unable to share further details.”

The SSF said that despite the current police report and investigations, it will “continue to support our athletes in their training and competitions.”

An internal review was also in process. 


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