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55% of Singaporeans do this. Tsk tsk tsk.

Aug 28, 2018

All of you have been busted.

KAYAK (KAYAK.sg), the world’s leading travel search engine, analysed users’ travel search data* during regular work hours to confirm relevant behaviours.

And its results show that 55% of Singaporean travellers plan their trips during 9am – 6pm on weekdays, right within work hours.

Throughout the work day, peak hours for travel searches occur in the hours just after lunch.

A significant 18% of Singaporeans make travel searches between 1pm – 3pm right after returning to the office from their midday lunch breaks.

Perhaps they’re inspired by their lunchtime conversations – or maybe they simply aren’t quite ready to return to the reality of work.

KAYAK’s data also revealed that popular destinations that interest Singaporean travellers during work hours, with perennial favourites Bangkok, Taipei and Seoul among their top three choices.

So, to help you ‘eat more snakes’, KAYAK has launched Desktop Escape, a desktop app to inspire and help you get through work days.

The free app provides stunning imagery from 90+ global destinations to be shown as desktop backgrounds.

Not only do these desktop images serve as inspiration for the next holiday, but it also allows Singaporeans to book the cheapest flights to each destination at the click of a button – literally taking them there.

Available for both PC and Mac users, the app highlights the cheapest flight options to the highlighted destinations with a simple click of a button.

Whey Han Tan, Regional Manager, Southeast Asia of KAYAK, comments: “Our data shows that Singaporeans are not shy about planning their travel from work, with more than half the people making bookings during working hours.

“With so many people in Singapore daydreaming about their next holiday, therefore KAYAK want to encourage travellers through the KAYAK’s Desktop Escape. We believe it is a great desktop application that provides travel inspiration and helps turn a dream ‘escape’ into a reality.”

Time to chiak chuak.

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