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Artist shows what it looks like if it snows in Singapore. It’s cool.

Nov 30, 2018 ,

With all talk about climate change, have you ever wondered what would happen if a freak act of nature left Singapore in sub-zero temperatures or when sea levels rise and Singaporeans are left to live among whales?

Enter Sean Lee.

A self-confessed photo illustrator, photo manipulator and concept artist, Lee put up a series of photos in an album titled Singaporean Winter on his Facebook page.

Through his illustrations, he envisioned what it could be like in Singapore if ever the temperature dropped to a point where it was possible for snow to drop in Singapore.

The results were simply magnificent.

Here’s a few of his works of art.



IMG_5309IMG_5303He also has an album which illustrates life if sea levels rose so high that we had to live among whales.

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