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Let’s war over Cendol. Or is it Chendol?

Dec 4, 2018 ,

A CNN list of the top 50 desserts has riled some Malaysians.

CNN listed Cendol as a Singaporean dessert, a fact which Malaysians obviously do not agree with.


Cendol is the icy cold treat which comes with jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar also known as Gula Melaka.

Reactions to the list have been fast and furious, with these ones from the Malay Mail taking the cake.

The main argument put forward by most is that Cendol requires Gula Melaka.


Then there is the question about origins.


Then, there’s always that one guy who’ll throw a spanner into the works.


And when all else fails, there’s always the arbitrator.


This is not the first time that the two neighbours have squabbled about the origins of some famous dishes.

There have been debates about chicken rice, yu sheng and even char kway teow.

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