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Make no mistake. Singaporeans are creative.

Feb 9, 2017

Three incidences of floods over the last month in different parts of Singapore during heavy rain inconvenienced many.

Apart from floods which were reported in Bugis and Orchard Road areas on 8 February, there were also incidences of floods at Upper Thomson Road, Paya Lebar and Tembeling on Christmas Eve, and again at Upper Thomson Road on 19 January 2017.

There were also flooding reported on 23 January in Tanjong Pagar and Maxwell Road areas on 23 January.

In the case of repeated flooding at the Upper Thomson Road area, Singapore’s water agency PUB has indicated that it will take action against Sato Kogyo, a contractor involved in the construction of the Upper Thomson MRT station under the Sewerage and Drainage Act.

In response to questions in Parliament on 6 February, Singapore’s Minister for the Environment and Water Resources said that flood management has been made more challenging due to “upward trends in rainfall intensity and frequency of heavy rain events”, and “growing urbanisation which increases stormwater runoff”.

Floods are not new to Singapore though.

Here are two old photos of flooding in Singapore found online from the 1970s.

Using sampans during a flood in 1978. PHOTO SOURCED here.
South Bridge Road during a flood in 1978. PHOTO SOURCED here.

The flooding incidents, however, have helped inspire a few flood-related memes on the internet, showing that Singaporeans are indeed creative and have a funny bone.

Here are three of the best scoured from the internet wild, wild west.

Humping hippos in Bugis? PHOTO SOURCED here.
Godzilla from 2012. PHOTO SOURCED here.
This image was floating via WhatsApp and no one seems to know where it was sourced from though.

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