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National cyclist Calvin Sim and ERA division director Shen Jiaming team up in safe cycling video.

Feb 24, 2021

With instances of angst between motorists and cyclists on the road appearing to be rising based on online posts, national cyclist and 2017 Southeast Asian Games gold medalist Calvin Sim and property realtor ERA Division Director Shen Jiaming collaborated to provide safe cycling tips for cyclists.

In a short video posted on the ERA director’s public Facebook page @JiamingandJoelle and on Youtube earlier this month, the duo provide the pointers at the Seletar area, where cyclists are known to conduct training or ride in groups.

“I check that my bike is well maintained, I make sure the brakes are working properly and also ensure that the gears are running smoothly,” said Sim, who is a 2017 Southeast Asian Games gold medalist in the omnium event.

Watch his 2017 gold medal winning race here.

He added that he also checks that there is sufficient pressure in his bike tyres and ensures that there is about 100 PSI worth of air in his tyres.

Shen, an ERA division director who is among its top performers, added how cyclists also need to be brightly dressed with reflective bands so that they are visible on the roads while they cycle so that vehicles can take notice of road cyclists. 

“Even at night when the lights come unto you and you want to be very visible, so that is a very important point to take note of,” he added.

The other tips provided included how cyclists should give road users signals and give them some heads-up to signal intent, how riding in a straight line is good riding discipline and how a cyclist should never make sudden movements like riding in a zig zag while riding on the roads.

They finish the video by sharing how cyclists should not ride against the flow of traffic, should always stop at traffic lights and never enter expressways. 

Photos: SW Strategies

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