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New Club Street home for steakhouse boCHINche.

Sep 8, 2021

After five years of calling its cosy corner “meating spot” on Amoy Street home, Singapore’s foremost Argentinian steakhouse boCHINche by local lifestyle collective Spa Esprit Group has moved out of one Chinatown dining enclave to claim its stake in another – this time along the popular Club Street stretch. 

The new location boasts a larger dining hall decked out with a fresh look inspired by tribal design, an open kitchen and grill that flanks the entire length of the restaurant, and a refreshed menu designed by head chef Fabrice Mergalet to bring the age-old steakhouse experience to the modern age. 

With a bigger location comes bolder ambitions as boCHINche continues to elevate the steakhouse experience in its new home. 

Ingredients, from trusted staples to regional specialties, are sourced seasonally from around the world to ensure the best products all year long. 

Modern cooking techniques such as sous vide, lacto fermentation, and infusions allow the kitchen to develop new dishes with unexpected ingredient and flavour combinations that draw inspiration from culinary traditions beyond Latin America, and across the world. 

Beyond its prized steaks, lighter, brighter flavours and more varied protein options have been introduced to widen its appeal. 

One thing remains unchanged since day one – steaks are cooked using traditional grilling techniques over charcoal fire to achieve a lightly charred crust and smoky aroma that best highlights the natural flavours of the beef. 

Easily spot the restaurant on 27 Club Street with its textured facade cladded in panels of rustic recycled wood pieces. 

“boCHINche has been like that trusted old friend that never lets you down through the years. 

“We’ve grown beyond just being that Argentinian restaurant or a traditional steakhouse – and have truly carved out a unique identity in Singapore’s dining scene that I believe will stand the test of time, and flourish even into even bigger and bolder possibilities from this point on,” says Cynthia Chua, founder and Chairman of Spa Esprit Group. 

Photo: The Peak

Pre-meal nibbles come in inspired morsels packed full of flavours. 

Crispy Argentinian Spring Rolls (S$14) are filled with tender, richly flavoured chopped pig ears, cut with an aromatic mix of jalapeño, piquillo, scallion, and coriander. 

A trio of hand-cut beef, chicken and sweet corn Empanadas (S$5 each) continue to be boCHINche’s signature crowd-pleasers, with the addition of a new flavour that elevates the quintessential ham and cheese pairing with rich provolone cheese, smoked ham, sweet confit onions and pimento. 

While meats are the main event at boCHINche, a new selection of standout starters offer bright respite for those seeking a lighter touch for their meals. 

A plump, milky ball of artisanal Italian Burrata (S$29) (photo below) is paired with a medley of fermented tomatoes that cut through each creamy spoonful with refreshing fizzy pops on the palate, dotted with avocado mousse and edible orange cosmos. 

Quail (S$28) (photo below) offers more than just a beautifully charcoal grilled bird with earthy flavours of salt-crusted roasted beetroot, crunchy roasted hazelnuts and tangy berries brought together with a rich buttermilk sauce. 

A classic Spanish risotto-style Bomba Arroz Verde (S$27) is topped with grilled Argentinian prawns, while raw scallop bites are folded throughout the rice and glazed with a stock made using seafood trimmings, resulting in a satisfying, creamy consistency while still remaining blissfully dairy-free. 

From the famous wood and charcoal grill, a combination of cherry, apple and jarrah wood lends an irresistible flavour to a proud selection of carefully selected, grass-fed beef imported directly from Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Japan. 

While Argentinian beef remains the heart and soul of boCHINche, a renewed emphasis has been placed on the brand being an authority on high quality cuts of beef from around the world. 

A dry-aging fridge allows beef to be dry- aged in-house—typically for 35 to 38 days—using traditional methods, with an added coating of beef tallow that helps enhance the aging process while introducing new dimensions of flavours. 

Venture beyond the traditional cuts of Argentinian ribeye and tenderloin into the richer marbling of a ‘Devesa’ Argentinian grain-fed OP RIB (S$22 for 100g) – a recent addition with bone-in meats now available to be imported from Argentina. 

Solomillo (S$65 for 300g, photo below) features a flavoursome loin cut of Australian beef with beautiful marbling.

Hailing from the rolling hills of Gippsland, Australia is the Bone-In Vintage Galiciana Striploin (S$140 for 400g, photo below), dry-aged for 38 days with a marble beef score of 3+. 

A breed that originated from the Galician region of Spain where farmers have  been deliberately breeding older animals for their deeper, more complex flavours, these Australian cattles graze on pastures for at least five years, resulting in a remarkable yellowish hue, well-muscled texture and a rich, beefy flavour. 

A treat for the Wagyu lovers come in the form of the 4% Miracle A5 Bara Wagyu (S$120 for 200g)—a seasonal special exclusive in Singapore to boCHINche—served in a tasting platter of flank, skirt, head bara and flap cuts. 

A list of trusty sides can be ordered alongside the meats, such as the signature Hand Cut Chips “Provençal” (S$10), or colourful greens such as Roast Cauliflower, Pine Nuts, Raisins & Pistachio Pesto (S$15) and Grilled heritage heirloom carrots, spices & caramelized walnuts (S$23, photo below). 

For desserts, White Chocolate Cheesecake (S$19) delivers an interesting contrast of equally prominent sweet and savoury notes, its richness tempered with seasonal fruits and rounded off with milk ice cream and crumble, or have your post-dinner coffee, dessert and nightcap all at once with the Espresso Martini Crème Brûlée (S$19) with brown sugar ice cream. 

Photos: boCHINche

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