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Who exactly in this F45 outlet thought this was a good idea? They have since apologised.

Nov 5, 2021

F45’s fitness outlet in Serangoon Gardens South has come under fire online after a video surfaced showing its members shaking their heads while doing their exercises.


It was apparently the outlet’s way of celebrating Deepavali as the video appeared to have a Happy Diwali message at the bottom left.

Two females in the video were seen shaking their heads.

The video was put up by social justice warriors Wake Up Singapore on their Instagram account and has since attracted almost 50,000 views within a few hours. 

Comments came in fast and furious, with most condemning the outlet’s display of racial insensitivity. 

The outlet has since posted an apology its Instagram Story.

“F45 has always been a family friendly and fun place to exercise and we do many fun videos with our members. 

“However we have received feedback that this video is racially insensitive. 

“Our intentions were never to make fun or hurt anyone’s feelings. 


“Deepavali is the festival lights and love.

“We are very sorry for the mistakes and hope to seek your forgiveness.”

Main Photo: WUSG

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