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F*** You. Actress Pam Oei swears at person who called police because two kids were playing football at the multi-purpose hall.

May 28, 2023 ,

Singaporean actress Pam Oei has taken to Instagram to share how two children aged nine and 11 had to face the police for being guilty of playing football in the neighbourhood “alfresco multi-purpose hall.”


She did not mention the location where it happened.

TMSG has reached out to her via a DM to confirm where the happened and will update the story when she responds. 

In her post, Oei said that the two police officers were dispatched to tell the two children, both brothers, that they were not supposed to play football in the multi-purpose hall and they needed to play in designated areas.

She also added in her post that the children were told that if they did not comply, they “might be fined”.

“Imagine how traumatising it is for the police to show up and tell a kid that he/she is doing something wrong,” 

Oei added that her child plays with them regularly and the brother would come “to my door and ring the doorbell and ask if my kid is free to play”. 

“How old school and lovely is that?” she asked. 

She ended the post by cursing the person who made the complaint to the police.

“You call the police for 2 kids playing football in the void deck?” she questioned.

“F*** You.” she added.

Trigger alert for foul language, but see her full post.

This incident comes at a time when a public debate is ensuing over the state of football in Singapore, as questions are asked over the sad state of the game when it comes to competitions. 

Separately, TMSG has also been calling for the removal of signs in void decks which prevent children from playing football. 

Just how many designated areas are there around neighbourhoods for children to play football? 

Questions which the national agencies who are keen to develop football at the grassroots will need to ask themselves.


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