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Is support for athletes comprehensive enough?

By Jose Raymond

In response to a Parliamentary Question by Workers’ Party’s Dennis Tan Lip Fong 陈立峰 on 11 September, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu stated that “…under the High Performance Sports system, Team Singapore athletes are provided comprehensive support in the form of financial grants, training and competition opportunities, as well as coaching, sports science and medicine support.” Continue reading “Is support for athletes comprehensive enough?”

OPINION ⇒ A slap in the face for Singapore sports culture

By Jose Raymond

The Singapore Land Authority’s (SLA) decision to suspend Home United Youth Football Academy’s (see story here) use of two of its pitches at the Mattar Road premises because of complaints by a few residents is a slap in the face for the development of sports culture in Singapore. Continue reading “OPINION ⇒ A slap in the face for Singapore sports culture”

Transparency for a clearer picture

img_0743 by Kavickumar Muruganathan

Having pumped in billions of dollars into the economies of countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, the palm oil industry is estimated to be worth about US$88 billion dollars by 2022. An extremely versatile ingredient, palm oil is found in consumer products ranging from chocolates to cosmetics. Continue reading “Transparency for a clearer picture”