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Bored in China? Be a part-time boxer.

Oct 31, 2018

Are you bored while studying or working in China?

Don’t fret. Just take part in some fights and you could earn some money.

In a recent article published on Shanghaiist, it was reported that China’s “kung fu capital” showcased a match between a Shaolin-trained fighter and an African “boxing champion”.

Held in Henan’s Dengfeng City, home of the Shaolin Temple, some 30,000 people watched their hometown Shaolin disciple Shi Yanxi beat Tanzanian ‘boxing champion’ Gabriel in just 43 seconds.

Gabriel was touted as having a record of 14-1.

However, after the match, netizens began to question the credentials of this African “boxing champion,” finding evidence that he was actually just an international student at Shenyang Aerospace University.

Soon, Gabriel was forced to admit that he was no professional boxer, explaining that while studying in China he had been offered the chance to participate in some fights to make some money.

So far, he has won just one of the six matches that he has fought in.

The organizers of the match have admitted that there are flaws in their selection and review process of fighters, promising to take measures to ensure that this does not happen again in the future, reported Shanghaiist.

Gabriel is lucky he didn’t get kicked in his nuts.