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Ouch. My back.

May 19, 2019 ,

Former bodybuilding champion and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was attacked by a fan at the Arnold Classic Africa Festival in Sandton, South Africa.

In a video that is being widely shared, the man can be seen running towards the Terminator before jumping and kicking him from the back.

Schwarzenegger was in South Africa for the multi-sporting event which was one of the biggest in South Africa.

Security guards then removed the man from the venue at the Sandton Convention Centre, reported Eyewitness News.

The director of the Arnold Partner for Africa, Wayne Price said the former bodybuilding champion was not hurt.

“It was all dealt with immediately by the security team, the on-site security and also the police that was also on site. There was no problem. Arnold was not injured at all, as you can see in the video he is smiling later.”

But Schwarnegger was overheard saying “Ouch, my back” though.

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