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Who is responsible for Goal 2034? FAS? The Government? Everyone?

Mar 7, 2020 ,

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has stated that it is surprised to discover that it its Goal 2034 “is not a goal of the Government, and that is it only a goal of the FAS.”

In a statement posted on its Facebook page, the FAS Executive Committee said that the statement made in Parliament on 6 March by Senior Parliamentary Secretary Baey Yam Keng was “not our understanding.”

“We will have to clarify this with MCCY, to ascertain if this represents MCCY’s position.

“If Goal 2034 is not a goal which the country can support, then it would be very difficult for it to succeed.”

On 6 March, Baey was responding to a parliamentary question by Aljunied GRC Member of Parliament who said that he had “waited since like September 2019 for updates from the Football Association of Singapore and MCCY.”

There was also a follow up question from MP for Potong Pasir Sitoh Yih Pin who asked what was the MCCY’s position on the project, and if the Ministry supported it.

Baey had said that “Goal 2034 is a goal set by the FAS. It’s not a goal set by the Government.”

He added that “the role of the Government is to support our NSA where possible.”

The FAS, in its statement said that “Goal 2034 is a bold and ambitious project.”

“It would not be easy for us to make it to the World Cup, but, as the National Sports Association (NSA) for football, the FAS is of the view that we must set bold targets, and we must try.”

“Goal 2034 is necessarily a longer term aspiration” and “it is a goal which the FAS is happy to lead, but it must be a goal of the country, and all its stakeholders.”

See its full statement here.

Photo: FAS


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