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Legion of Racers confirms 2022 esports team line-up.

Jan 5, 2022

Motorsports culture and entertainment brand Legion of Racers (LOR) has confirmed its simracing esports team line-up for 2022. 


Nine simracers from four countries in the region will carry the LOR flag into competitions for the upcoming year as part of TEAM LOR RACING.

There is one new addition to the team – Indonesian Fadhli Rachmat – who replaces Singaporean Javier Lai. 

A talented driver, Fadhli won the GT World Challenge Asia Esports Endurance with JMX Phantom in 2021, one of the many race wins he achieved.


Said Fadhli “I am super excited to join the LOR roster for this year. I’m really looking forward to be working with everyone in the team and I hope we can achieve great results together throughout the year!”

The team will be led by Indonesian Andika Rama again, who said, “I’m truly honoured to lead the team again in 2022. It was really awesome journey in 2021, we won several big races, championships, we had bigger driver lists, we had super strong performance, really great chemistry, and I hope in 2022 we’ll fly even higher than ever.”


The full complement of Team LOR is as follows: 

  1. Andika Rama Maulana (IDN)
  2. Luis Moreno (PHL)
  3. Moreno Pratama (IDN)
  4. Dillan Tan (SGP)
  5. Nigel Chuah (MYS)
  6. Fadhli Rachmat (IDN)
  7. Fadtris Isa (SGP)
  8. Zaim Rasyad (SGP)
  9. Ethan Yoh (SGP)

Said LOR co-founder Melvin Moh, “It was a great year for the team as a whole as we achieved good results in the championships we participated in. 

“The goal in 2022 is to compete for wins and titles in those championships we decide to participate in. 


“I’m also happy that we grew a lot as a team over the year and for this year we are honoured to welcome Fadhli into the team as well. 

“We would also like to thank Javier for all his efforts in supporting and being part of Team LOR last year, and it is great that we will still be working together on other pillars of the company.”

As a team, LOR did reasonably well in 2021 in the regional tournaments, coming 2nd and 4th  in the GT World Challenge Asia Esports Sprint with Andika Rama and Dillan Tan, finishing 2nd in the GT World Challenge Asia Esports Endurance. 


At the National level, Ethan Yoh and Zaim Rasyad finished first and second in the Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) GT Cup Singapore. 

Elsewhere, Luis Moreno won the TGR GT Cup Philippines and Moreno Pratama and Andika Rama claimed a 1-2 finish in the TGR GT Cup in Indonesia.

“The goal in 2022 is to continue participating in regional races like the GT World Challenge Asia Esports series, Logitech McLaren G Challenge, Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup Asia, while also looking to more European based series hosted by SimGrid and other major tournaments there,” said Moh. 


“We also plan to consider other game titles like iRacing.”


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