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Body Shop gets online flak for racist hiring ad

Jan 14, 2017 ,

Malaysia’s franchise of British cosmetics brand Body Shop came under fire online after a photo of a racist hiring advertisement was posted online by reader Kishaniah Dhamodaran on her personal profile, who labelled it as discriminatory.

The photo of the advertisement requested for a “SENIOR SALES CONSULTANT” who was “ONLY CHINESE”.

The post on Kishaniah’s Facebook page has since been removed.

In response, Body Shop Malaysia apologised for the advertisement and said on its official Twitter account @TheBodyShop_MY that it was an “unsanctioned act” by one of its store staff “that we disapprove of completely”.

“This was an unsanctioned act by one of our store staff that we disapprove of completely. We are so sorry for the hurt this has caused,” The Body Shop said on its official Twitter account @TheBodyShop_MY.



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