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Stadium lights too bright for residents. Match abandoned.

Apr 15, 2018

A Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Centre of Excellence U-19 match between Warriors FC and a FAS U-19 side was abandoned in the 69th minute on Tuesday (10 April) because of alleged instructions given by Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC Lee Bee Wah to the Centre Manager for the Yishun Stadium. All because the lights were too bright for residents of The Estuary Condominum.

The Online Citizen has reported based on information which it corroborated stating that the Centre Manager for the Yishun Stadium, where the match was played, turned the lights off at 9pm after allegedly receiving instructions by the MP as a result of complaints from residents from nearby condominium The Estuary.

The Yishun Stadium is operated by government agency Sport Singapore.

A football official who spoke to TOC said: “It is ridiculous that a match was abandoned at 9pm just because the MP asked for the lights to be turned off after complaints from residents of the condominium. The stadium operating hours end at 10pm. Since when has that changed?”


A resident of the Estuary, who spoke to TOC on condition of anonymity said that there has been some concerns raised by residents of the lower floors about the glaring lights of the stadium.

This is despite the stadium being around when they made their purchases of their respective apartments.

The Yishun Stadium was opened in 1992, and has been surrounded by multiple Housing and Development Board flats.

The Estuary was completed in 2013.

Yishun Stadium, has been home to various football clubs over the last 20 years including Sembawang Rangers, Super Reds, Sporting Afrique, Malaysia Tigers.



4 thoughts on “Stadium lights too bright for residents. Match abandoned.”
  1. Send the MP and condo pack them freighter all the way back to where they came from. HDB complain they will give you the deaf ears. Lightning and thunder loud can they ask to turn down its volume.

  2. Too much human nowadays… Dunno how to gv and take. Must teach these people a lesson if they are not taught from young how to give and take.
    All too bz wrk so hard, earn lots of money, only know how to sleep eat wrk till RIP…But some people deserve to have diffrent kind of way of living. So if these people want to have their peace coz sadly their life is all only to wrk like hell, eat and sleeep.

    Pls get a home near or at cemetery… Sure peaceful and no worries, no lights…

  3. Wow…this is the first time it happen…how could the MP do that? So in the near future, when residence plans to do weddings, funerals and even simple celebration under their respective void deck , when other resident complains of noise and lights to bright,, do their electricity also get turn off too?

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